“HOLI ONE” Festival of colors

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For the first time in Cape Town we had the “Holi one “ Festival to remind us that we are all one and that we can do it together.

The Mother City was painted in vivid colors of the rainbow at the first ever Cape Town Holi One Color Festival at the Grand Parade (in the CBD) on Saturday, 2 March 2013.

This festival was inspired by the Hindu Holi Festival celebrating the coming of the spring season. The celebration also was motivated for the harvesting of good crops. The festival rocked liked no other with a selection of electronica music, trance, techno, progressive house and much more. The festival had performances of the best DJ’s of the country and on the hour would threw bursts of brightly colored powder giving life to the meaning of “rainbow nation”. This festival is to celebrate love, unity and you can express your love for dance, performance art and love for mankind. People were encouraged to wear white so you could see the beauty of color when the powder landed onto you, giving you contrasts of spring all over your body and face.

People danced the day away with freedom and love in their hearts. This festival gets celebrated from the USA, Singapore, Berlin to Munich. This spectacular event invited people to unite in their love for music and art.

The highlight of the day was the international hitmaker Super Flu from Germany brought to you from the award-winning agency behind the Rocking Daisies. It was an absolute “rush” of music, good vibes and full of energy people celebrating the power of being one nation and one love.


Holi One Facebook Page
There are tickets on sale for:

  • Johannesburg: Saturday 6 April 2013
  • Berlin:  Sat&Sun  27/28 April 2013
  • Munich: Sat&Sun  27/28 April 2013
  • Bremen: Date to be confirmed
  • Düsseldorf: Date to be confirmed
  • Leipzig : Date to be confirmed
  • Lübeck : Date to be confirmed
  • Münster : Date to be confirmed

Berlin, Munich and Joburg tickets are on sale now!


Holi One Facebook Page


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