1 Month since Marijuana was legalized in South Africa

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Submitted by Zeebo on Thu, 10/18/2018 - 08:00
Marijuana Now Legal in South Africa

South Africa’s Constitutional Court ruled on 18 September 2018 that citizens had the right to consume and grow marijuana in their homes, as long it was for personal consumption. You can watch the video of the announcement here.

The announcement was followed by a fake police report stating that it is legal to possess up to 3 kilograms. This announcement has since been confirmed by SAPS as fake. The good news though, is a real report has since been released to police officers. You can read the full report here.

This report has made it abundantly clear that the use of Marijuana by an adult in their own private space is now legal in South Africa and police officers should be well aware of it. There are also clear instructions that should you be found in possession of Marijuana, the police are not to detain you, but to instead summon you to court. But only if they suspect you are not selling Marijuana. If, however, you are in possession of any other illegal substances, you will of course be detained as other substances still remain illegal.

The only unknown remains the quantities that a person may have or cultivate. Government has been given 24 months to decide what quantities will be allowed and to amend the constitution accordingly. I honestly thought it was going to take forever to legalize Marijuana in South Africa, but with this latest announcement, many others seeking change in South Africa should feel hopeful. 

In many states in America it has been the people who have benefited the most from legalization. We can only hope the same will happen here in South Africa. So far there has not been one report of any Marijuana-related incidents since legalization, which I believe is a sure sign that the decision wasn't a bad one. But only time will tell.

For more information and updates on Marijuana related news in South Africa, I highly recommend following The Dagga Couple. They played a vital role in the legalization of Marijuana in South Africa.

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